After over 12 years online MakeTunes is closing down

I hope you've enjoyed the many years of community and creative process, but obviously the site has many issues these days as I haven't had any time to devote to the running of it for some time. Naturally most people have moved on as a result, and it is still costing thousands a year to keep it online.

Please take this opportunity to download any music you're wanting to keep as the site will be closing down on March 31st.



Ala Carte - Katana Tales

8:39 minutes (13.86 MB)

I had a Katana, I didn't see. Before I did, they threw it into the sea.

temple01 sandstorm

7:20 minutes (6.71 MB)

Cyber Tronic Disco - DJ Synchro

3:16 minutes (3.74 MB)

A simple song i did, I was bored and had nothing to do. lol

Eyes of Argos - Skippin Class, Not Skippin Beats

2:51 minutes (3.92 MB)

Windows rolled down, senior year spring, blasting tunes as you cruise through life without a worry.

On All Five Fingers (Ten to Be Exact)

2:19 minutes (3.18 MB)

This my electronic loop. All original.

DjWillie.F.-When I Move

2:40 minutes (6.09 MB)

Ok new Club Banga type of track here!!! This one will be vocalized by my cousin and I, the lyrics have been written and so it shall be VOXED!!LOL! Be on the look out!!

TJ / Midnight Wonder

2:04 minutes (2.86 MB)

RUBZ vs D-LITE - Punch Drunk

2:26 minutes (3.35 MB)

A new project i'm working on..this is just the start of it...

TJ / Uh Haah

1:53 minutes (2.6 MB)

This is my favorite of the three!

TJ / A Day In Florida

1:43 minutes (2.37 MB)

I'm new to this but i hope you like my first couple of tracks.

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