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The Abeyant - Goodbye

  • Artist: The Abeyant
  • Title: Goodbye
  • Year: 2009
  • Length: 4:37 minutes (6.34 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

had my cousin put some guitar on this for me (The Stickfigure Band)
hope you guys like this one!!


TheAbeyant's picture

still working on this so standbye for probable updates

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MixedConnections's picture

Nice linkin parkish flow to it. I like this right here bruh!

Check out my first finished sample jank!

TheAbeyant's picture

thanks for the quick comment MC, its funny, i actually get the linkin park reference alot lol

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DjWillieF's picture

You this is the ISH ABEYANT! You out did yourself here! We Got to do something with this ASAP, Let me get in on some mastering and vocals on this track! It's to good not get at it, let me know!

TURK's picture

You cant imagine how awesome this sounds right now, I've just had half a bottle of whiskey and this is blowing my mind right now lol but drunk as I may be I know for sure that it's mostly due to your awesome talent because it's not the first time I've been so impressed by one of your tracks, and I'm mostly sober most of the time. Way to go Abeyant!!!


TheAbeyant's picture

thanks for the comments fellas! glad you guys like this one. my cousins supposed to sing a hook for this when he gets a chance so ill update it after

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Teddy Brazello's picture
The Sole's picture

Top knotch! Definitely one of your best productions ever! A real pleasure to listen to! If he doesnt get on it then I would jump all over this with my mxl 4000 and join you and dj willie f in another collab bro! Just wanted to be upfront about it. Perhaps two versions? ;0)

TheAbeyant's picture

Thanks KD, and SOle man, thanks for the awesome comment Bro! The truth is i already got plans for this track but when im done i prolly wouldnt mind doin another version

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Doctor Ryzl's picture

Its rare that I come up with a hook on the spot for something... especially as high as I am, but damn d00d you out did yourself. "Let me take you to place you'd never go, in the land of the snow where the cold wind blows. In the deepest part of my heart, in depths of my soul there's only winter no spring summer or fall" Don't let my nonsense stop you... I'm just feelin lyrical I guess. Killer track!

Take two of these beats, and call me in the morning. Doctor's orders!

TheAbeyant's picture

haha nice Cap, glad your feeling this one! killer lyrics fosho

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som3a1987's picture
DarkZephyr23's picture

What a beautiful track bro!! I found myself totally lost in it. Everything blended together so perfectly. Props to you and your cousin bro. Pat yourselves on the back for this masterful work of art.

Music knows no bounds

MUSIC_is_REALITY's picture

Great song man, beautiful is the best way to describe it I think. It really invokes a lot of emotion.

TheAbeyant's picture

hey guys thanks for listening, glad you enjoyed this DarkZephyr!
Music is Reality, i make alot of emotional type tracks like this, feel free to check them out!

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DanstheTsar's picture

yeah this is really nice abeyant very clear and well mixed props to you man
wots your email man ive got something for ya man

TheAbeyant's picture
DanstheTsar's picture

check your mail bro!!

DJFlex's picture

Nice Track

the_purist's picture

dude, wow great tune, very moving, its got soul dude, great job.

id like you to share your thoughts man,

mhuntingford's picture the opening, really captures your interest, and it is just lovely as well. Don't know how you could possibly improve on is so tranquil and calming, the guitar is fantastic and just an excellent addition. Your stereo mix on the guitar is fantastic and really digs you to keep plays with your mind so delicately...The strings are superb and just what I would expect.....the atmospheric pads in background are very interesting....I can imagine some interesting vocals or possibly and interesting soft-synth lead....or electric jass guitar...

Going to download this one...its a winner. Do you mind if I experiment with it -- as a colaboration effort?


mhuntingford's picture

Okay, guess I won't download...LOL

TheAbeyant's picture

Hey thanks for listening Purist, glad you feeling this track!
Mhuntingford, if u wanna experiment with this ill change the options so you can download it off here. Thanks for the feedback man!

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IngridTornado's picture

Yeah this is an awesome track - nicely produced. That intro really draws you in. Good one ab!! some nice sounds there too...Love, Ingrid

PoH's picture

Very hot man def a good listen. Def would like to lay a verse on this man.

GrandScam's picture

Awsome! abeyant! Mad heart like allways. I love a non gay way!lol

TheAbeyant's picture

haha thanks scam, i dont know how to reply to that haha cant believe you never heard this one before!

TheAbeyant's picture

damn, over 1500 plays, thanks to everyone who gave this a listen, truly appreciate it!


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