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Wooden Crystal Feat Corroded Master - The Life I Once Knew

  • Artist: Wooden Crystal Feat Corroded Master
  • Title: The Life I Once Knew
  • Genre: electro trance
  • Year: 2012
  • Length: 6:06 minutes (13.97 MB)
  • Format: Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)


Wooden Crystal's picture

Well has no one has commented, I spent 4 months in the studio trying to make this perfect and really would like some feedback please :-)

StateOfHead's picture

its a banger. the bass is pretty cool - maybe the levels of the bass line a bit too high compared to other elements on my monitors but that just me.

ScreamingZombie's picture

very nice! seems youre hard work has paid off ;) cant fault it, big respect

Screaming Zombie
Check out my music

Wooden Crystal's picture

StateOfHead I really wanted the bass line to stand out and maybe is a little loud but I love it. Thank you for your comment :-)

Cheers ScreamingZombie I can fault a few things that I could not correct but thank you for the compliment and appreciate you listening.

VodkaMartinez's picture

that basssssssss is so fuckin sick , yeah , i love those voice samples , is that you ? it sounds like old school british new wave from the 80's , reminds me of that song don't you want me by human league , and that new bass that comes in around 2:57 , more buzzy love it , and then that break down at around 4:00 with the ethereal pads then back to the begining , fuckin fantastic , i love that god forgives , i don't , hell god doesn't even exist , priceless , and the lasers and breakdown to the outro , classic electro , well done , this is one of those great trance tracks that evolves from one thing to another , unlike some stuff that tends to just be the same thing over and over which is ok for 2 or 3 min. but with something like this that goes for 6 min. you need some change ups and break downs , gangster brother , keep em comin




Wooden Crystal's picture

Fucking awesome review :-) :-)

I am loving your comments VodkaMartinez I thought maybe the bass was too much but wanted it to buzz and be very prominent :-) That is not me that sings funny enough he is the American and I am the one from the UK lol He does have a punk electro UK sound with his voice.

Cheers for listening to the track bro :-)


I found myself drifting away listening to this, VM said it perfectly already, but since you spend 4 month's on this piece of art, hell you deserve some good feedback so here I go:

First of all, the beat and percussion you start of with, sound cool with the overal composition, then the first bass sound start coming in, and also some vocals, (which fits perfectly with this track), the bass sound is truly amazing i must say, how you change it up is also a cool effect, there is simply a lot going on in this track, and even tough you have a lot of things going on, it still is one part, which (for me) is a hard thing to do, especially if you have more and more comin up, like the piano like sound, it fits perfectly with the chords, beat and vocal samples, I must say, it is a really sick master, you made it like it is supposed to be, even tough some parts don't really sound collective ( that is just in some bass parts, especially at 4:07, the bass doesn't really sound as one part, but more as a million parts, I hope you know what I mean. ( :p , it can aswell be my headphones tough: (I have some tweaks in my sound driver to boost bass) ) I wrote this text a long while the music was playing, so don't mind me making any mistakes. As I listen to this, it really flys by, which is a good thing, I really like the overall flow in this, with some abstract background things going on, but NEVER losing it's core sound and melody...

And then the song ended.


Wooden Crystal's picture

Thank you for the great comments, yer around 4:07 I struggled with the bass line as tried to do something better than i had done before. It was hard to get the track flowing and keeping interest and still know my next track will be even better, but it is all a learning curve that I am really enjoying and it it comments like yours that are nice to receive after putting a lot of hard work in to it.


lakeside's picture

this is a real stomper!! love the bassline, and the strings, develops really nicely too, the synths are great in the break, and there is loads of attention to detail, the drum buildup is immense...and the drop is deep n this track..nice work :) fantastic synth it a soft synth? sorry if someone has already asked that..

Wooden Crystal's picture

Yeah it is a soft synth but padded over the top with other synth, it did take me a long time to creat this track. About 6 months and was worth every hour I spent on it. Thank you ever so much for your comment Lakeside :-)

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