After over 12 years online MakeTunes is closing down

I hope you've enjoyed the many years of community and creative process, but obviously the site has many issues these days as I haven't had any time to devote to the running of it for some time. Naturally most people have moved on as a result, and it is still costing thousands a year to keep it online.

Please take this opportunity to download any music you're wanting to keep as the site will be closing down on March 31st.


matt's Audio

Matt - Structure

3:20 minutes (6.1 MB)

Here's my unofficial entry for the MakeTunes Electronic Music Contest.

Matt - Arabian Muse

3:26 minutes (6.28 MB)

Made this tune today with Reason, Acid Pro and some vocals from ccmixter. As soon as I heard these Arabian vocals, I knew I had to try and use em!

Matt - Slumber

3:37 minutes (6.64 MB)

Something a bit different from my previous uploads once again. I really enjoy making a little story line with everyday life samples.

Matt - One More Bourbon

2:03 minutes (3.77 MB)

This is my entry for the old school hiphop contest. Had a lot of fun making this one tonight.

Matt - The Vision

4:18 minutes (7.88 MB)

This is my entry for the electronic music contest 2.

Rumble by Matt (MakeTunes DOT com)

1:16 minutes (2.33 MB)

This is another track I've started, created with my MPD24, Battery, and Reaktor as well. Hideously incomplete, but shows some potential - it always grabs my attention when I take another listen

Reflection by Matt (MakeTunes DOT com)

1:11 minutes (979.65 KB)

This is the beginnings of a track that I made recently with my MPD24, Battery, and Reaktor. As usual its not exactly finished, but I had fun making it thats for sure

Mashup by Matt

1:15 minutes (1.45 MB)

Another short track that I threw together as a backing for one of my mountain biking videos. Its made from a variety of loops I created in Reason.

Rev2 by Matt

1:20 minutes (1.73 MB)

This is a little track I made from some loops I created in Reason

Fade by Matt

2:05 minutes (2.71 MB)

New track I've been tinkering with lately... as usual, not at all finished ;) but I figured it was high time I upload something recent!

I'd welcome any suggestions or feedback...

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