After over 12 years online MakeTunes is closing down

I hope you've enjoyed the many years of community and creative process, but obviously the site has many issues these days as I haven't had any time to devote to the running of it for some time. Naturally most people have moved on as a result, and it is still costing thousands a year to keep it online.

Please take this opportunity to download any music you're wanting to keep as the site will be closing down on March 31st.


Mike_S's Audio

Whippin' Boy

4:08 minutes (4.73 MB)

Set Me Free

5:10 minutes (5.92 MB)

Okay, so most people have gone.

Been posting my stuff in here for about 7 years and it keeps a decent chronological record of my stuff.

Lets Work (Finished)

4:42 minutes (5.39 MB)

Here's what i did with that last track of mine...

Bass Drums and Guitar - Andy (Funkyaxe) - added guitar from Mike_S

1:57 minutes (2.24 MB)

Andy, tried just jamming along to this, trying to keep it loose and with a good pub jam type feel


2:23 minutes (1.09 MB)

My First ever recorded track... found them wee while back on the computer. There was about 5. This is from December 2000. This is the best of the bunch. The rest are too awful to share.

Lets Work (No Lead Guitar)

4:38 minutes (5.31 MB)

Andy... putting this up with no lead guitar if you wanted to mess around one day...

Lets Work

4:42 minutes (5.39 MB)


Groove Me Along - Mike Huntingford, Mike_S on Guitar

4:54 minutes (5.61 MB)

Added some electric guitar Mike.... what u think???

Backing with a quick idea on top

3:06 minutes (3.56 MB)

just to show how it might work. i can polish up and give a bigger sound at the end if it ever comes to anything??

Off the Handle (Rory Gallagher Cover)

6:19 minutes (7.24 MB)

Rory Gallagher Cover...

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