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matt's blog

Spooky sounds

A Waterphone is a very interesting instrument - the range of eerie sounds that you can get out of this thing is just awesome! Perfect for horror movies and creating boatloads of atmosphere.

Youtube musicians unite

In a much anticipated followup, musician and producer Kutiman has put out another mashup of various Youtube musician clips - combining them into an original piece of music. I think personally I preferred his previous project thru-you, but it's still interesting to see all these home musicians "collaborating" on a song like this.

A round of applause for MakeTunes new Sponsor!

I'd like to welcome MakeTunes latest site sponsor, Loopmasters for stepping up in support of our community of upcoming musicians. They're excited to be involved with our vibrant community

Loopmasters have a HUGE selection of quality loop and sample products in basically any musical genre you can think of, and available in all the major formats.

I'd urge you all to check out their site, and keep them in mind if you're considering getting some audio products to give you some new direction or inspiration!

MakeTunes on Facebook

Hey for any of you on Facebook, come join the MakeTunes fans page I just made! :) I'm so lonely as the only fan! :D

Go go go! It'll only take a second, you know you want to!

The Tone Matrix - an online synth with 16 step sequencer

Ok, so technically it's not home studio specific, but I'm sure some of you will find this interesting to play around with. It's a simple little online sinewave synthesizer and 16 step sequencer! There goes your day ;)

You can come up with all sorts of tunes by just clicking on various points on the 16 step sequencer, which is always looping. Check it out!

Amazing YouTube Home Musician Remixes!

This is so freakin cool, you're gonna love it!

This guy Kutiman took a whole heap of totally different unrelated home musician videos from YouTube, and remixed them into 7 sweet new tunes! WATCH THIS NOW! :D

The mother of all funk chords

Its from He's got a whole bunch of other YouTube remixes as well.... I'm off to check them out now!

Ok, wow. He's made remixes in heaps of different genres, all still from totally unrelated home musician videos on YouTube. These are so well done, I hope you all take the time to check them out.
See more below...

Wow. Now this is a talented young guitarist!

This 12 year old kid has some scary talent. Mind you, it does sound as though he's pretty devoted to his calling, as he practices 1-2 hours a day during the school year, and up to 3 hours a day during the holidays. His goal is to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist, and I'm certain he'll do it. He sounds professional to me already even after his 3 years so far playing the guitar! I'm not surprised he's sponsored by a guitar manufacturer already!

Here is a video of Sungha Jung from South Korea playing "Rylynn", originally by Andy Mckee.

Sungha Jung also composes his own original songs. You can see/hear more of his guitar work at his youtube channel and myspace page.

Robotic Rockers - how a band of robots are on the rise

Just saw this today, and thought I'd share! It's a robotic band called "The Trons", which play real guitars, keyboards, drums - all setup by fellow New Zealander Greg Locke. They play their songs themselves, and The Trons even tour as far afield as Europe, playing a whole bunch of different venues and gigs!

The initial robotic music video "they" created has seen over 1 million views on youtube so far... check it out!

Got some of that oldschool hiphop realness?

It's time once again for the old school hiphop to take back the streets.... in the second old school hip hop contest.

CapricornOne is holding it down right now, who is going to step up and bring their old school realness?!

The closing date for this contest is rapidly approaching, so head over and grab your oldschool samples, and put together your entry track. The last old school hiphop contest was a lot of fun, and we had a whole range of different styles from those samples.... lets see what we can do with this lot!

Remix Competition - get your entries in soon!

There have already been some real nice entries submitted for this latest acapella remix competition, but nows your chance to show what you can do with a top quality acapella to remix.... in any style or genre you want!

As well as some sweet prizes, your winning entry might be included on Teddy Brazello's upcoming album. Nice.

Get those entries in, this remix contest is something else! I can't wait to hear some more creations that you guys come up with for this comp!

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