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matt's blog

The Open Source Music Competition

For those of you who are interested in remixing, mashing up other tracks, or just plain freedom to create something new using some existing material as a starting point, check out this new open source music contest!

Adam Zwakk has put forward several ZIP files containing the individual multitracks that form complete songs - you can take those and create your own tune inspired by whichever part of them you like.

Check out the details Sole has posted now and get inspired to create something totally new...

Yamaha Tenori-On

The Tenori-On is a compact little 16x16 matrix of LED switches, which can be used to create all sorts of electronic music with a very hands-on experience - complete with a lot of visual feedback from the flashing LEDs.

Below is one of the official demonstration videos of the Yamaha Tenori-On in action...

Number 5 is not only alive, but he's got the funk

The future is here people. Autonomous musical robots with built in samplers are roaming the Earth creating drum tracks by hitting nearby objects that they find, sampling the sounds, and looping them! The first bit of this video is a bit of a non event, but once the little robot musician gets under way it's well worth checking out!

Below is a video of the "Yellow Drum Machine" robot in action!

Time to bust out the unlaced Adidas sneakers

Pitbull has setup an old school hiphop competition, so ya better check yo self before yo wreck yo self ;)

He's put up a bunch of samples to work into your old school hip hop track, and the entries are starting to be submitted already. So what are you waiting for?! Check out the announcement.

MakeTunes MP3 downloads not available for anonymous visitors

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know what's happening. I've finally had to remove the ability for anonymous visitors to download the MP3 files. I tried to keep this available for as long as possible, but it's no longer an option for me.

Logged in users abilities are not changing of course.

Guests can naturally still Play the tunes using the Flash Player, and simply need to login if they'd like to download a copy. This is the way most sites work, and I've had to join them due to issues with automated computer "bots" from other websites coming along and trying to download every one of the 7000 songs here.

Again, it's not something I wanted to have to do, but unfortunately my hand has been forced due to the behavior of these companies and others who ignore the webs standards, in order to keep MakeTunes running smoothly. I know you guys will understand.

Another Electronic Music Competition!

Yes its happening again folks - Ed has got another electronic music competition underway! Once more your entry must include at least 2 samples from the linked remix samples pack that he's uploaded. I imagine once again there will be a great range of musical styles that emerge from this one source...

The competition deadline has been extended! So click here to read his announcement

The more entries the better, so grab your remix samples, and unleash that creativity!

A few changes to the MakeTunes layout

You might have noticed I've been trying out a few adjustments to the layout here at MakeTunes, nothing too major, but a bit of shuffling around of the sidebar sections, and a shiny new logo, ooooh ahhhhh. Hopefully it's all working ok for as many of you as possible.

I'm very aware that for the 3% of people using 800x600 screen resolution, it's still not exactly great to use, but unfortunately I can't do much about that without breaking the site for the other 97% of people here. I really recommend you try at least 1024x768 - it can feel strange turning up your resolution at first, but you'll soon never want to go back - trust me! If you're not sure how to do this, its very simple - just right click on your desktop in Windows, click Properties, then Settings, and then slide the screen resolution slider to 1024x768 (for example), and hit the OK button.

Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts on the layout changes and tweaks are, especially if you've noticed something looks strange or broken! Thanks

Digital Music Sales Continue to Overtake Physical Music Sales

Apple announced a few days ago that iTunes has just overtaken Best Buy in music sales, so is now the second largest music retailer in the US after Walmart. This continues the strong growth they've been experiencing since their launch in 2003.

Electronic Music Competition

If you haven't already noticed, I've added a small Noticeboard segment to the top-left of MakeTunes, where you can easily keep track of new competitions being run.

The latest is an electronic music competition which Ed has started. The electronic music genre is quite a varied one, so the contest rules are pretty flexible.

At the core of this competition are 5 loops, several of which need to be incorporated into your remix to allow entry into the contest. Check it out people, there are already several *completely* different entries being worked on that I know of, and the more the better!! Heres the competition page and details

Happy New Year to the MakeTunes crew!

So its slightly late, but I got there in the end - Happy New Year people! Fingers crossed everyone is alive and well after/during all the excess consumption that most of us get involved in around this time of year! I'm hoping that 2008 will be a good year for me, and hopefully for you guys too. Once the hangovers are, well... over, its time to ponder those dreams or goals and think about what 2008 is going to be about for each of us. :) Best of luck in your musical endeavors, and may the coming year be a positive experience for all of us. Take care folks, its a brave new world!

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