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matt's blog

Keeping track of new comments is now easy!

Keeping track of new comments on your forum posts, audio tracks, and images is now very easy.

The best way is to enable automatic subscriptions - which means you'll automatically be emailed each time someone comments on your audio/image/forum post (or on a thead that you've commented on yourself). Here's how...

YOU can help MakeTunes in its hour of need!

Well folks, MakeTunes is getting busier by the day, and the WebServer is creaking and groaning under the pressure of playing all this funky music to interested ears all over planet Earth....

Now YOU can easily help MakeTunes

Click here to read more

MakeTunes needs your help!

Hi everyone, as you're probably aware, the word is spreading, and MakeTunes just keeps on growing and growing - which I'm thrilled about of course.

This does however put an ever increasing strain on the MakeTunes server, and the time is rapidly approaching that I'll need to move this entire website to a bigger, beefier server - one that can handle the phenomenal growth predicted for 2007. Please read on, to see how you can help.

This will be a huge milestone in the MakeTunes history books, but will require a whole lot of money - about US$3000 to be precise!

As this is all coming out of my pocket, and I no longer have a jobs regular paycheck to more comfortably pay for this, as I have done since starting MakeTunes in 2004, I am needing to raise some funds to help cover these costs.

As well as approaching potential sponsors, I would also like to take this opportunity to ask that those of you who enjoy this vibrant and friendly musicians community everyday consider joining the MakeTunes Crew!

Just $10 a month gets you into the MakeTunes Crew, and as a thank you for your contribution, you'll get:

  • Your own personal MakeTunes Blog
  • Your UserPicture and a thankyou message at the base of every MakeTunes page.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are directly responsible for helping keep the new MakeTunes server running.
  • A heart felt THANK YOU from me!
  • And further benefits as I add them...

Please consider joining the MakeTunes Crew, as you will be making a direct contribution to the future of the MakeTunes Community, and helping save my sanity in the process!

Instead of that extra burger meal, help support MakeTunes as it keeps getting bigger and better.

To subscribe to the MakeTunes Crew, just click this PayPal button - it accepts PayPal, creditcards etc:

(Please mention in the PayPal payment notes what your MakeTunes username is)

I leave the choice in your hands...

... but I will say this

This kittens life depends on it.... his name is Eric...

Look into Eric's eyes, and tell him you're not going to help MakeTunes... ;)

Thank you,
Matt Founder

Add me on MySpace!

I finally sorted out that MakeTunes MySpace profile.

If you're on MySpace, post up your MySpace link here, or just Add me

How to add a User Profile Picture

You might have noticed that I've been trialing some different User Picture settings, where your profile pic shows up with each comment you make on the site. I might be changing one or two other settings regarding the profile picture, so nows an ideal time to upload your pic!

If you're wondering how to upload your own custom Profile Picture, it's very simple... heres how:

You can help spread the word about MakeTunes!

If you'd like to help the MakeTunes community grow, it's very easy to add a link to our website! I've now made it even simpler, so all you need to do is copy and paste :)

You get User Points for commenting too!

Hi everyone, I just thought I should make it clear that you also get User Points for commenting on peoples music, forum posts, and photos.

People really appreciate comments about what they've created - whether it's constructive critisism, wild praise, or just general thoughts on the subject.

So get involved in the MakeTunes community, you'll make new friends, find exciting new music, and your User Points will keep rising - you'll be one of the Highest Users in no time!


Jobs, Flats, and the Chaos that is my Life!

Hi everyone, just to let you know that I'm currently a little bit caught up in the ongoing madness that is my Life! Everything seems to be changing at once at the moment, which is pretty exciting, but also a little daunting (not to mention time consuming!)

I've quit my fulltime job to concentrate on my own web development learning and online projects. Big step, but one which I am hopeful will work out for the best!

I've also just learned that I'll be needing to move house (or Flat as we call it here, as I'm renting).

So if I seem a little distracted, now you know why - wish me luck, and once moved into my new place I hope to be able to concentrate on such things as launching the much anticipated MakeTunes V3 website, in all it's magnificent glory :)

Watch this space, as they say...


MakeTunes Top10 Highest Users

In case you hadn't already noticed, every page in MakeTunes is now sporting a Top10 Highest Users list. I think this works better than the original Top5, as all these home musicians have contributed widely to the MakeTunes community.

Remember - the more you post in the forums, post comments, or upload your original music/photos, the more User Points you get. You can work your way onto the Highest Users list just by talking about your music production, and lots more visitors and members will view your User profile, listen to your music, greatly increasing your reach on MakeTunes!


(Thanks to Killerbill for reminding me to finally set this up!)

$6800 Desktop Home Studio Giveaway!

Update : This competition is now finished

Check it out! Zzounds is giving away a desktop home studio prize package, worth more than $6800!

This is one badass giveaway - a complete home studio setup.... gaze upon it in wonder.... :)

(entry only available for those in the US)

The giveaway includes the following...

Hello Guest - Register or Log-in now, to download the tunes, add your comments, ask questions or share advice with our home musicians community. You can also upload your original music, home studio photos, and post your own forum topics and blogs. [Login to hide note!]

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