After over 12 years online MakeTunes is closing down

I hope you've enjoyed the many years of community and creative process, but obviously the site has many issues these days as I haven't had any time to devote to the running of it for some time. Naturally most people have moved on as a result, and it is still costing thousands a year to keep it online.

Please take this opportunity to download any music you're wanting to keep as the site will be closing down on March 31st.


After working towards being an MC for 20 years...

I've pulled it off, passably. Not club banger material, but at least I can stay on beat the majority of the time and write my own material. And yes, I sound white, I AM 8^P

Anyway. I've already got one request in so I'm not taking any more song requests so I'm just looking for any random feedback that anyone may want to provide. I do have beat production skills but I will admit that all but the torrents song below come from construction kits. I wasn't going to reinvent the wheel after getting back to rapping after being away from it for so long...

Tricky Dicky (Dick Cheney song)
Illegal Torrents
Taste Of Victory (weakish song, performance wise)

These were all written in the last five days. Still practicing them so these are not "finished product."

I have 14 songs done, just that the other ones I used torrented beats so I won't be sharing those mixes until I either buy the license or put something legitimate under my vocals.

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