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I just got a AKAI MPD 24 but no disks came with it....i know it "supposed" to be plug and play but my computer doesn't recognize and i am prompted to install manually but do not have drivers....Is ther anyway to download the drivers online somehow somewhere??? If someone could help me u will be REWARDED!!! Hopefully i could get a reply by tonight...Peace,

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Hey whats up, you can download a bunch of MPD24 support files from Akai here (not sure about drivers though)

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i have exactly the same problem. when i plug it in windows trys to instal new hardware but says that it failed to install because it cant locate drivers, because there ARENT any !!

my mpd24 works great on my mac, but my PC just WONT recognise it. ive updated the firmware and everything ( i had to do it from my mac obviously) .
PLEASSSEEE someone help, i need to get this sorted!

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Hey TVYOUTH - what version of windows are you running?

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hey matt, xp service pack 2

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Dam, I was hoping it might be Vista or something, which could have possibly been causing the problems for you - but most people are using their MPD24 with XP without issues. Are you following the installation instructions from the PDF/manual exactly? Just trying to think back to when I installed mine - and I don't think it *had* to install any drivers from memory? I don't think I ever had to deal with the windows driver installation wizard once I plugged in the MPD??

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hmm, yeah, theres actually nothing in the manual that covers the instalation process, as its supposed to be plug and play. i have no clue whatsoever what the problem might be. ive tried little things like using different usb ports, nothing. i also cant seem to get it working via the midi on my alesis io/2.
live recognises a usb audio interface in the midi panel, but if i plug the akai into that, it still doesnt seem to be "hearing" it.
anything you can come up with would be most apreciated!

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Ah ok, so you haven't been able to get any external midi controller talking to your PC?

What soundcard/audiointerface are you using? Have you checked its MIDI settings under its control panel?

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Im having the same problem. I'm trying to use this MPD24 on XP SP2 (on my Macbook running Boot Camp).

The MPD24 seems to work fine in OSX, but in the XP side the device is not recognised, and prompts me to install a driver (which is not provided with the device and does not seem to be downloadable from the website).

Am I missing something here?!

So, previous posters noted problems but have you managed to make this thing work?


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.... am running the 1.07 firmware too.

I hope people don't mind me just barging in here and reviving this thread, there really is not that much info it seems about this problem.

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ive got the same problem. on my laptop its fine (running xp sp2 home). on my desktop it asks for disc/drivers (running xp sp2 pro).

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ok I re-installed xp pro corp sp2 and now it works fine.

hope this helps someone.


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Hey thanks for letting us know Raskittt - good old windows ;) How old was your windows install? Was it getting a bit thrashed and in need of a reinstall in general do ya think?

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PLEASE God tell me someone has this thing running w/Vista. I just purchased the MPD24 (HOURS ago!) & am DYING to start working with the standalone functions before i get all sotsa crazy with the midi capabilities (specifically in FL Studio Producer & Ableton). me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry Jeffe I only just saw your pleas for help with the MPD24 in Vista - have you got it working yet?

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Ahh, glad others are having the same problem! My Akai MPD24 got delivered last night. I read the manual, installed This Midi quest software, and plugged the Akai MPD24 via usb. The unit powered on fine, and had firmware 1.07 already installed.

In Windows XP Pro Sp2, the install bubble popped up above the windows clock and said detected and installed new hardware, so I thought it was done and dusted! But not so.

Live 6 wasn't detecting the unit, nor was the midi quest software. I suspect that I've corrupted my midi functions over the past year with some virtual midi cable freeware, and thus no new midi hardware is working properly.

I also got my new M-Audio Axiom last night, and this is also having the exact same issue. Windows auto-installs it with no problems, but no signal is being sent or received to and from the unit, and midi quest isn't detecting the midi-hardware plugged in.

Solution? Dunno! I'm formatting as we speak, and re-installing Windows XP but with SP3 beta (apparently it's much faster!). I'll post my results some time over the next couple of days.

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Ahh, further to my above post, it seems that Logitech webcam drivers seem to cause a similar problem as to the one I'm having.

This website is great! I can't believe I haven't found it until today!

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Cool, glad you're finding our website helpful BurningFeetMan! Welcome aboard.

I take it you're confident with Live 6 software - eg you know for sure how to setup MIDI input, and how it should be working?

Just out of interest, do you have any additional USB devices plugged in (such as the logitech webcam example)?

Let us know how the reformat goes... (I would suspect that'll do it.... reformatting = the magic bullet!)

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Heh, USB devices? I have just a few. :)

I have,

  • Logitech Webcam
  • Razor Copperhead Mouse
  • Razor Tarantula Keyboard
  • Midistudio 2 USB Midi Controller Keyboard
  • Edirol/Roland Midi I/O USB Interface (Pluged into my Yamaha RM1x)
  • 2 USB Printers
  • Yum char USB Pen Tablet
  • Steinberg USB key
  • Now, I built my system (p5b deluxe, 2 gig ram, Delta 44, 8800GTS) in Feb 2007, and over the course of a year I've hacked it in more than a few ways, so no doubt that my troubles are due to the stuff I've installed and corrupted over the year! Formatting over this weekend though into XP pro SP3.

    Now, looking at things one by one...

    Razor Copperhead mouse drivers. The mouse must stay in the one original USB port, or it corrupts ports as it's moved. Not cool. For example, I must re-plug in hardware for windows to detect that it's there in the various ports that this mouse was once plugged in to. Needless to say I will never ever install these mouse drivers again, and the mouse will stay strictly in the one USB port. (The Tarantula keyboard drives seem to be ok though.)

    Logitech webcam. Thanks to your forums I've now discovered that my MPD24 won't work whilst these drivers are installed. The webcam will be removed from my studio PC onto something else.

    Virtual midi software. I have virtual midi cables that I installed to get my PC Tablet talking to Ableton Live. Although it worked, it's very gimmicky and more of a toy to play with rather than a useful tool. I will not reinstall these virtual midi cables. The pen tablet will be moved with the webcam to the other PC.

    Steinberg Key. Because of my ancient Cubase VST software I need this key along with specific security software to run Cubase VST. The program is 8 years old, so I think I'll retire it and focus on Live. I'm absolutely gob smacked out how friggin' awesome Ableton Live is. Cubase and its key will be moved to my old PC too.

    Printers. I don't print anything. I dunno why the family dumped them on me. They won't be installed nor plugged into my studio pc.

    Installation of my Studio PC once formatted:

  • Windows XP sp3 (Nlited and slipstreamed with a couple of proggies, such as firefox and Avast!)
  • Install Razor Tarantula Keyboard Drivers
  • Install Live 7
  • Plug in MPD24
  • Plug in Axiom 61
  • Install Roland-Edirol Midi I/O Drivers for the Yamaha RM1x
  • Plug in Midistudio 2 Midi keyboard and install drivers
  • I'll do all of the above over the weekend. Hopefully all will go OK!!! Can anyone suggest anything to do or NOT to do before I commence tomorrow?

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    Wowza! Thats just a few USB devices isn't it... hehe

    But it sounds to me like you've got a good plan sorted out. Always wise to install only a limited range of software and hardware initially, get everything up and running - then later on you might gradually add more things. At least then its much simpler if something stops working as it should to figure out what causes issues on your studio system

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    Great news! I uninstalled the webcam drivers and rebooted. I plugged in both the Axiom and the MPD24 via usb, and opened up Live, and straight away both instruments were talking!!! Fantastic stuff.

    matt's picture

    Sweet - I wonder what it is with those logitech webcam drivers that is causing all those problems you folks are having?

    BurningFeetMan's picture

    Not too sure Matt! I'm still gob smacked at how awesome this site is! Needless to say I just got home and I'm absolutely smashed off of my mates home brew. I was going to ask a question here, but I'm still a n00b, and I was all like, WHAT IF THEY CALL ME A NOOB, and then I'm like, gah, but you gotta know man!!!


    This Akai MPD24 has 16 pads, all of which have pressure and velocity. What is the BEST way to convert these pressure/velocity values into CC values, so then I can control virtual sliders and knobs in Live? At the moment, Live seems to take only the pads "note" information, which equivalents to either 0% or 100% on a virtual knob/fader... but man, if I could press a pad, and watch the virtual knob/fader value rise up and fall down according to how hard I'm pushing.... that'd be rad.

    Anyway, I go sleep now. Peace out, and 10 points to who ever can help out with my ultimate drunk question!

    matt's picture

    Well seems pretty lucid for drunken forum posting to me - you did well ;)

    (PS - please feel free to spread the word about far and wide!!)

    Off the top of my head I'm not certain how to do what you're describing.... most people do tend to just use the pads to trigger pressure/velocity sensitive samples or VST notes... and then setup the MPDs faders and knobs to control any additional controls in their software. But I suppose it must be possible to use the pads to control a lot more faders etc if thats what you'd prefer.....

    If you set Ableton Live to its equivalent of "midi learn" for a particular Live fader, and then press a pad on the MPD24, wouldn't that work automatically?

    BurningFeetMan's picture

    Ableton Live seems to only learn from the note of the pad, rather than the velocity, pressure or aftertouch. It disregards the latter, and simply uses the note data to either turn the virtual fader/knob to 0% or if pushed again to 200%. Basically the pads act as an on off switch.

    I'm about to start trawling the internet for some software that may convert velocity, pressure and after touch into a control signal. I have a sneaky suspicion that the Midi Quest software that came with my MPD24 maybe able to do this.

    Also, regarding the M-Audio Axiom keyboards pressure pads, they're also set up as per the MPD24 ones, but apparently they can be reprogrammed to output control signal. I'm almost certain that the MPD24 can not be programmed in such a fashion.

    Regarding why I actually want this ability, analogue pressure pad control would work really well. To be able to simply push down the pads to apply effects, then release the pads to release the effects... it would give music creation a more hands on feel.

    Heh, sorry for last nights drunk. You get that from me. :)

    matt's picture

    I'm almost certain the MPD is capable of doing what you're describing... but I'm just not sure how to switch the pads to that type of MIDI data myself...

    Have you trawled the various ableton Live forums too?

    I see there are a few experienced ableton live users posting MPD24 setup guides (and custom MPD24 preset files too):

    Let us know if anything they suggest works...

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    You may want to contact Akai tech support via email or telephone before resorting to erasing and re-sending your firmware if you're having connectivity issues.

    Troubleshoot the externals first.

    Try a Rear USB port. Try a different USB cable. Disconnect all you other USB devices. You could even try your MPD on a different computer. If it works fine on an other computer, then the firmware isn't the issue, it's something with the original computer.

    Akai midi controllers are 'plug and play' and use drivers built into your OS (OS X, XP, Vista, 7). Specifically, they use the USB Audio Codec driver. You don’t need special drivers from Akai, it uses drivers already built into your computer’s OS.

    Occasionally, those drivers are missing from your OS or corrupted. By corrupted I mean you could be having a conflict due to having, or once having had a Logitec or Labtech webcam. These web cameras cause a problem which needs to be fixed by an auto-fix file from tech support or from removing the Logitech drivers manually. Instructions on doing this can be obtained from tech support.

    If you don’t have the Logitech problem but when you plug in your MPD into the computer the Hardware wizard comes up saying it can’t find drivers for your device, you’re probably missing some of the USB AUDIO Codec files. In these cases you need to manually install the USB AUDIO CODEC INF and PNF files, or the driver files themselves. These can be obtained from Akai Tech support.

    Please don’t try upgrading your firmware as a first step when your MPD won’t connect. You may end up with two problems when you started with one. (If you are having USB audio Codec problems, and you try to upgrade your firmware, you’ll erase your firmware and then not be able to send it back in)

    BogusException's picture
    wizard's picture

    wizard at will

    i have the same issue!! but i have to keep disconnecting it to work!! i have vista!! and i was running the mpd24 with no problems before vista!
    i think its a driver issue!! that the usb hud drivers for the mpd 24 need to be install or created!!!
    i did the updat thinking it was gonna fix my problem but nothing same issue!

    wizard's picture

    wizard at will

    go to start menu device manger
    look for universal serial bus controllers
    right click and scan for changes!!
    its help me so far with the usb issue on the mp24 and ive upgrade the firm ware as well!! hopefully it work!!!
    ill keep ya posted if it doesnt and i continue to have a problem with it!

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