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ASIO4ALL Driver Download

You will have likely heard the term "ASIO" mentioned around home studio forums, but might be wondering what exactly the big deal is?

Basically having an ASIO capable soundcard or audio interface means your latency will be much much lower. Latency is most noticable as the delay between pressing a key on your MIDI controller keyboard, and hearing your studio software play the note.

Naturally we want this to be instant, or it will make playing/recording a melody practically impossible using a midi controller.

For those of you who don't have an ASIO capable card, you might be surprised how affordable the budget ASIO cards are, for example the always popular M-Audio Audiophile 2496!

If you just can't stretch to buying a new card, you should try installing ASIO4ALL, which are software drivers that emulate the ASIO performance. For most modern computers, these ASIO4ALL drivers can significantly reduce your latency - for example they might drop your latency from a horrible 120+ms, down to 25ms, allowing you to play your MIDI controller keyboard and record your melodies without all that delay putting off your timing.

ASIO4ALL is only a tiny download, and doesn't replace your existing soundcard drivers, it simply operates alongside them once installed. I should point out that you still need your cards manufacturers drivers installed.

Also remember to select the "ASIO4ALL driver" in your music software Preferences/Settings, otherwise it won't do anything!

If your card actually already supports true ASIO mode, check the website of its manufacturer, in the driver support/downloads area, for the latest driver file for you to install. You shouldn't use ASIO4ALL if you can use the real ASIO mode with your musicians soundcard - ASIO4ALL is intended for use with consumer soundcards which cannot run true ASIO mode.

Lord Vahn's picture

Thanks - this is really helpful! Playing Jazz improvisations is always difficult with the massive latency on my keyboard. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Babylon303's picture

Yep. Definately recommended if you don't have a 'decent' card. Worth noting though that this ASIO driver is a 'general use' file that will work on most soundcards. If you've paid some decent $$$ for your card, it's probable that the manufacturer has written their own ASIO driver file which is more compatible (and maybe more efficient) than this one with your soundcard. Check on the manufacturers website - normally under the 'support' or 'downloads' link.

MarCoast Beats.'s picture

yea i got asio4all and my latency is 5ms

:D that's right... it plays before i do lol

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taurusmoo's picture

My guitar rig 3 loves asio4all :D

Ebil latency!!11.

matt's picture

5ms from ASIO4ALL?! With no popping/clicking?! Marcoast Beats FTW!

Yes thats a good point Babylon303, if your card supports ASIO natively (with manufacturers drivers), then you'd definitely want to use those instead of emulated ASIO4ALL drivers.

However, I do remember reading about some consumer cards a few years back (maybe some Creative cards?) which had ASIO drivers supplied by manufacturer, but which performed worse than an emulated ASIO driver (probably ASIO4ALL as it is the main contender for that title). I'm not sure if this is still the case. I'd imagine whatever company it was has probably got their act together by now.... I'm still not going to recommend people buy consumer targeted soundcards anytime soon though ;)

MarCoast Beats.'s picture

wait correction, it WAS 5ms, now its 9ms...

i was gettin pops at 5ms but im good at 9

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matt's picture

Hehe thats still pretty sweet. Good to have some real world examples of ASIO4ALL's performance too...

Reid Rainwater's picture

I downloaded the Asio4ALL and overall it works well with my software. Only pain in the dick is, I have to switch back over to my primary sound driver to listen to hot tracks on the internet....except MakeTunes(?)
Yeah, this website is the only site I don't have to switch drivers to listen to. What kind of magic are you working here, Matt?

The Few, The Proud, The Machines
-New Army-

matt's picture

Hmmm thats weird, I wouldn't have thought you'd need to do any swapping back and forth - but in any case, probably the easiest way round that would just be to keep your original Primary sound device as whatever it was in windows, and just change your audio software settings to ASIO4ALL and save them. That should work out best huh?

MarCoast Beats.'s picture

yea when you use asio in a program, you can't listen to other audio in other programs for some reason...

like if i wanted to watch a youtube vid or winamp, i won't be able to hear anything

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matt's picture

Just to clarify, perhaps thats the case when using ASIO4ALL for some of you guys, but I'm using M-Audio Delta 1010LT in ASIO mode for all my audio software, and have no problem playing winamp, watching youtube etc all at the same time :)

Do you others using ASIO4ALL have that same thing Marcoast Beats described? Presumably its only while you've got your ASIO4ALL configured music software open?

Babylon303's picture

This is something I've noticed too.. ASIO drivers seem to take over the audio card, so if you have Cubase/Ableton/Reason/blah open, it wouldn't let a web browser or WinMediaPlayer etc play audio at the same time, although when I was using the M-Audio ASIO drivers on my PC with my Delta66 soundcard, it'd let other programs play sounds when my sequencers were minimised. Now, I did swap over to Ableton from Cubase at the same time as I swapped from M-Audio ASIO to ASIO4ALL, so not entirely sure whether it's the driver or the sequencer that controls whether it plays in the background.... anyway, that's not the point of this post...

Fact is, you can play other music programs like a webbrowser (for MySpace, YouTube etc) or Win MP/WinAmp when you are running your sequencers on ASIO4ALL, you just have to de-activate it temporarily first...

In the bottom right hand corner of your screen, you'll have a green square with a triangle showing when ASIO4ALL is running. Click this to open the control panel, then de-activate the devices by clicking each 'standby' icon. Bit hard to explain, so I've put an example here...

Don't forget to switch them back on (by clicking in the same place) when you go back to your sequencer, or your DAW won't play!

Hope you find this useful :)

Dj Shigz's picture

For some reason when i re-installed my FL studio again after re-installing windows, it didn't install the ASIO4ALL drivers properly. Like if i were to go into audio settings, there wouldn't be an Asio driver to choose. Only primary sound driver and Realtek HD audio output were available, so hoping this works. Thanks in advance

IngridTornado's picture

Yeah I found that too but learned to live with it. ASIO would not let me keep either of my main programs open (Reason, Cubase or Reaper) AND let me stream music here or on youtube and myspace etc. A bit of a bummer because sometimes I would want a reference check or listen to a file I just rendered and have to close down my DAW.

It was ok when I used my computer soundcard (Realtek - using my computer speakers) but not my audio interface (Lexicon - using my monitors). Basically I just swap between playback devices (right click on the little speaker icon in the tray, and change the default). No point using and risking my monitor speakers for ordinary computer use anyway - a stray pop or glitch could blow a tweeter or something. But still disapointed ASIO won't let me listen to anything else while my DAW is open. Love, Ingrid

Find Me By Midnight's picture

Dang. 5ms? 9ms? What is average? I'm around 18ms, although I haven't tried playing with my ASIO4ALL settings, and I'm using a USB interface. Come to think of it, I think I get 5ms when I switch to my internal sound card. Hmmm... maybe I should be using that over my interface when trying to record with the keyboard! I think I've been going about this all wrong.

Is there anyone who can comment on this? I've always just used the audio output on my M-Audio USB Preamp/Interface, because I figured that the quality would be much better than my built in Realtek card. But I'd probably get a significantly reduced lag off the internal audio card, correct?

matt's picture

I wouldn't have thought the USB interface would introduce any lag at all really? If it were me, I'd certainly choose a musicians audio interface over an internal realtek card. Presumably you're sure that your USB interface doesn't support ASIO natively? (Meaning you're having to use the emulated ASIO4ALL driver).

Also worth noting, often with ASIO4ALL selected, you might find that the buffer in your audio program (Flstudio for example) is set to a conservative 50ms or something... and that simply by playing around with the buffer setting in your audio program you can bring it right down towards 10ms. You'll soon hear if you've gone too far, with popping and clicking etc - worth trying anyway.

Find Me By Midnight's picture

It might! I had ASIO4ALL installed before I bought my interface, and I got so used to using it always that I haven't tried without it. I'm using XP-64, and m-audio hasn't released the drivers for my interface, so I'm using a generic Microsoft driver. :(

I probably have to wait for m-audio to release the XP-64 drivers or upgrade to Vista-64 finally (they have the drivers for that). Is ~10ms a good number to hit?

matt's picture

Ah sweet, yeah if you're using m-audio interface it'll be ASIO. Hmmm bit of a nuisance about the drivers for XP64 though. I would guess that they won't bother developing further xp-era drivers? Seeing as everything upcoming is Vista and "Windows7"? If you're running native ASIO hardware, you'll be quite likely to hit 5ms. But yeah if ASIO4ALL, then I think you'll be doing well to be running 10ms comfortably. Latency-wise, that should be fine for playing your keyboard etc. Probably even a bit higher would still be ok.

Adam Purski's picture

I downloaded ASIO4ALL *the latest version* and it worked fine with Sonar 7 Producer Edition. But here was a problem, last night I wanted to change from ASIO4ALL back to my manufactured drivers (I just needed to test some things out). Then when I was done testing the results were that the problem till occurred. So now I wanted to change back to ASIO4ALL. Now, here was the weird part, as I was selecting ASIO4ALL, there was a sudden change in the drivers name, under input, it said "ASIO4ALL v2 Not Connected 1". Weird huh? And under output, the name was "ASIO4ALL v2 HD *something etc* like a standard/normal name, but with out "Not Connected 1" in it.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Syed_shah's picture

Man i Have ASIO4ALL v2 In Fl 9.0.3 But There is no problem there, you go to record option then there is required input you slect your ASIO4ALL v2 then i thing you fix your problem :)

Syed_shah's picture

Dude i Record my voice from ASIO4All v2 And Remix It This Is Listen And Comment Me

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