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How to remix a ready made song software???


I'm just a 14 year old kid really wanting a software that can help me remix songs, i would like to be able to insert a ready made song and easily remix it with loops and beats and maybe a synthesizer i dont have any plug in thingy me bobs to my computer i would just enjoy making some club music from a easy to use software so if any ideas please let me know thanks alot and just to say i have never ever done this before and would just love doing it thanks :)


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Hi Suzieshag

When i started to make music I started using E-Jay software. E-Jay software i think is easy to use and comes with loops to insert in your tracks. The only problem is that you carnt use vsti's in E-Jay, I dont think. The other software you could use is FL Studio which is a lot more advanced and comes with a bigger price tag.

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Another option for easy ready to go music software, is Rebirth (by Propellerheads), which is now freeware (need to signup to download it). You can download the entire Rebirth cd ISO image, which means a full CD file that can be burnt to a CD on your computer.

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One of the most versatile programs on the maket is Ableton Live. Get the free demo (unable to save files) and wander through this powerful app. Live is capable of recording, remixing, tweaking audio, and deejaying all on the fly.

You can easily take a song and chop up enough parts and rearrange, remix, and add audio to transform it beyond recongnition (if you wish). It has an incredible "Warping" feature which makes mash-ups a cinch.

Also, there are vast resources on the web for help and sharing of ideas. Start with Abelton's forum.

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Suggests to try using FlexiMusic Composer, a multi-track program for composing, editing and mixing of music using sampled instrument sounds. It is comprehensible software.

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You can also check into getting a really cheap and very new piece of software that even I am interested in for quick music production... It is called American Idol® Extreme Music Creator™..and it costs $49.00 ... it also has additional expansion pack available for purchase. Comes with tons of loops and is great for beginners.... maybe even pros.

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Im for Ableton Live if you can afford it. If not, Im with Matt and you should check out rebirth. Acid Pro is also pretty handy for remixes and on the plus side it can run VSTi's and it's pretty easy on the wallet.

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Try Audacity....This is the best kept secret in the realm of recording!!!

It's free!

It will become your friend once you've gotten familiar with its capabilities!!!

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Audacity? Yeah I got it. But that is a much more simplified program compared to Adobe Audition 2.0. I just had to throw in my two cents worth. Vocally, AA 2.0 is the shizznick. The real dealio.
But costs $$ so Audacity does have that over everything else. Audacity is a great tool and I think there is actually a link somewhere on this site for it to download, unless matt took it off.

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