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How to update MPD24 OS firmware using Vyzex software

Unplug MPD24

Hold down REW STOP and REC on the MPD24, and plug in USB cable.

Message "Upgrade - Erase OK?" shown. Press Enter on the MPD24 to erase old OS.

Start Vyzex, and click OK to the warning "Autosense could not find the Akai Professional MPD24".

Click "Cancel All" to continue.

Go to "MIDI > MIDI In Ports" and confirm that you have ONLY selected MIDI-out port "USB DEVICE".

Go to "MIDI > MIDI Out Ports" and confirm that you have ONLY selected MIDI-out port "USB DEVICE".

Click "MIDI > Transmit MIDIX (.SYX File)", and then browse to find the OS update file (mpd24_v1_09.syx) that you have downloaded from

As soon as you highlight it and then click OPEN, the transfer will begin, and numbers will begin ticking over on the MPD24 display.

When it has finished, a message "Upgrade - Done" will appear, and you can just hit the MPD24 Enter button to continue!

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hello Matt

first of all , I want to say this site rules , its the only place ive found some usefull information about mdp24 . Akai : shame on you !!!! we have to rely on others people commitment on making music to TRY to use your produts , really a shame .

the first time I tried to install the UNIQUEST , but there was no MIDI in from AKAI recognized on the Uniquest , it only recognized another MIDI ( XP5 , a DJ scratcher controller ) , then I unistall it , but as the problem continued - MPD never appeared in MIDI in window , I thought - OK it must be this UNIQUEST not working ... so I went to AKAI and see over there "new firmware" , oh my that sound perfect to me ! and then I went to all the procedures already listed to install VYZEX but nop , and Im now stucked on the MPD's screen saying to me "SEND SYSEX"

ok , next step I tryed to install using MIDI ox using standart MIDI CABLES + FAST TRACK PRO ULTRA interface ( I hook mpd in the MID in - MIDI out on the FAst track , and the FAST track on USB , and the mpd I had to power it up with the USB on the same laptop because I dont have the DC adapter and I ALMOST got there : I could send the SYSEX ( I gave a LOT of time to , select delay to 400 ms ) it took almost 01 hour , MPD receiving data all the time , EVERYTHING was going fine . Then after receiving all data , MPD says DONE !
and ask to press ENTER ... and when I press enter , nothing happens .

so maybe I need drivers to reinstall MPD 24 in order my computer can recognize it , and the previous OS to put it back again .

I need some advices , Im completely desperate !! I live in Brazil , so I bring the mpd here and to give it back it will be a lot of money to send to USA ( guitar center ) again ...

any help I aprecciate a lot !


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just to add , I tryed again the following

- VYZEX installed
- mpd24 connect in a fast track pro ultra ( 02 standart midi cables )
- mpd24 powered up in another computer without any vista or XP installed , just using USB ports to power it up

I could upload the SYSEX either from VYZEX and from MIDI-OX also , but at the end the same problem is there , mpd24 says "DONE" and asks to press enter , but pressing enter does not means anything to it . Stays freezed there DONE+"press enter" ....

again , I cannot see any MIDI IN - MIDI OUT neither on VYZEX nor MIDI_OX so I think I need some drivers but I dont find them anymore !!!

thansk any help is very very welcome !!!


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just to add , this ENTER push encoder is working perfectly , when I erase everything I have to hit it , and it works

so Im stucked on the Lcd message "UPGRADE done press enter " , how do I go ahead ...



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Just to confirm that the above instructions worked fine for me upgrading my MPD24 firmware to 1.10

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i just tried to update to 1.10 i did all the steps and now my screen is blank with 8 blocks across the top
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Hi planb - the above instructions are probably USB specific, and I notice you have a MIDI in / MIDI out / power cable, instead of a usb cable? Is that right?

I'd imagine thats probably what happened for you? Presumably when doing your upgrade, you'll need your correct midi cable option for the input/output during the upgrade? Thats the first thing that occurs to me seeing the pic. I've only used USB cable to connect my mpd24 however, perhaps someone else who uses a midi cable can give us their experiences too though?

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its midi in/out/ usb the power cable is not connected

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Oh right.... I actually was under the impression that you should only connect it via EITHER midi cables OR usb cable? I could be wrong? Are all 3 going to your computer? PC or mac?

When you were attempting to upgrade, which midi in/out options did you select? You know to only select a single option right? By default I think multiple options are selected for both midiIN and midiOUT, which needs to be changed before you continue with updating...

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I'd also like to add some prep tips that worked for me and might help you.

1)If you are running a Logitech webcam uninstall the software and drivers for the time being

2)If you have a M-audio Fast Track Pro turn it off

3)Restart computer

4)Turn off your firewalls

5)Follow the directions posted by matt above

Those are the step I have to repeat anytime I want to use the Mpd24 through USB instead of a Midi cable - hope it helps someone.

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ok so i tried updateing my mpd and it did this

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You have to contact akai support the firmware isn´t in the net.
I do so and get a new firmware for free when i send it to them.

for germany : Tel: +49 2154 812 99 20
Fax: +49 2154 812 99 23

hothandzent's picture

im in the america's ...NORTH America to be exact. do they have a number and/or contact for the usa? and thank you for your reply!!!

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