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Is their something that can tell me what key im singing on?

hey guys, I need to figure out what key im singing their a software or soemthing that can tell me... i want to use autotune but i guess it sounds better if i know what key im singing on so i can adjust it accordingly....any help is appreciated thanx guys

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In audition, after you've record your sung parts, click on the waveform and then press ctrl+P, and you will see a tab call "loop info" go in there and click "Find nearest key" Ta da!

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Mixed In Key is another good program from memory.
-just a thought-

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How good is your ear? You can go to the link I posted below and find the key that your singing in on the interactive piano.

Also, do you know the root note the song uses? This is probably the same key your singing in. You could also find the first note in your song (or at least a root note you know the song keeps coming back to) and find it on the virtual piano.

Hope that helps.

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