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Is there a way to put full songs in fruity loops and remix it?

I want to remix a few songs into techno and I wanted to know if there is a way to put full songs in fruity loops and remix them.

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Yes you can use mp3's in fruity loops. All you have to do is open the folder where the song is you want to use. Then just drag the song from the folder straight in to the play list in FL. Make sure you drag it in to the box under the pattens. This will show the file as an audio clip. You can even add fx and use fruity scratch to spin your mp3's.

Below is the way FL Studio explains it...

The bottom section of the playlist contains the audio/automation tracks. The tracks provide the user with an easy visual way to place, arrange and edit a set of audio clips and parameter automation splines, with an intuitive preview of the data held in the clips. It is also possible to cut and split clips in multiple pieces and arange the pieces independently on the audio tracks.

Each clip available in the tracks view is in fact an instance of the Audio Clip generator or the Automation Clip.

Audio clip channels are a special version of the Sampler channels.

Automation clips are a dedicated internal controller plugin.

Each clip channel you add in the Step Sequencer becomes available in the tracks view and vice versa - dropping samples on the audio tracks generates an Audio Clip channel (unless a channel exists with the same sample).

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Good detailed answer lawmouse!

One point I thought I'd add, which is probably pretty obvious, is that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to break a song down into its component tracks once it is combined to form a single track. But depending on the song, you may be able to work with the parts you're wanting to in any case.

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I use acapella's to do remixes and what I do first is cut it up in to parts first. I use Wave Lab to cut up the mp3's. I find that splitting the mp3 up will also make it easier to match the tempo of your song when it comes to getting the beat and the mp3 vocals at the right speeds.

That is a down side to FL Studio's sample editor, that you cannot edit mp3's.

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Thanks for the info guys I was breaking my songs down in acid pro and remixing them but I don't have acid anymore so I was wondering if you could do it in FL Studio but I will try your suggestions I know how to use most everything on FL but there is alot of stuff on there it takes some getting used to.

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Have you tried using the dashboard in FL Studio yet? It is a great little tool to let you control your VST VSTi's from one window.

Did you manage to get your mp3's into FL Studio? I was going to upload a picture on how to do it but i dont know how to add pictures to your comments.

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No I haven't tried the dash board but I'm going too I haven't got it yet but I'm workin on it.

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If you use iTunes, you can switch MP3's to pretty much anything, WAV is the way 2 go.Whats hot 2, is that you can make the samples the same tempo as the beat, vice versa. Another Crazy thing is that fruity loops comes with what you call a "slicer channel", it gives you the ability 2 have the whole song on your breaks down the whole song and puts it in sections,Trust me its FIRE!!! Ima show you an example, check out my page soon, Track intitled "Hustle Daily"...........

$$$ Ma$teR At WorK $$$

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Nice man I knew about every thing but that slicer channel thing.I seen it on FL but never really messed with it.I will have to give that a try bro.By the way thanks for the info.

B E-Z and Keep rockin,Dj Bizzerk

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No doubt man, anytime

$$$ Ma$teR At WorK $$$

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i cant use mp3s in fruity loops, when i drag em in the bottom its only a tiny file and wont play do u no y, do a ned a software or sumthing?

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I play mp3's in my fruity loops maybe you should try reinstalling the program.

B E-Z, Dj Bizzerk

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i just started usin this program, but i figure if u drag the mp3 into the automation clip area, then set up how u want the song to sound on the beat with the faders and filters. once u have that set, save the project under 2 names, go into one project, delete everything you wrote in the top section and imply master fade/filter on the mp3. save that as an mp3 and put that in the project u had saved before. now ur remix is prefaded/filtered the way u want it and the master isnt fading ur beats. should take an extra 5 mins but is nice when u dont have acid.

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If you want to have fun, you should buy a game like MTV Music Generator 3 This is the remix. it has all the tools you need already installed on it like loops and audio equilizers ect it removes (if you want) the music and leaves the vocals and it is available on xbox or Ps2 (which is usable on Ps3) and is on amazon used-like new at £8.00 including shipping costs

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I've never used Fruity Loops; maybe your info is what I need to finally order it. Thanks guys.

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But what about using Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 2? Everything else is so complicated it talks all the fun out of making music.

Ya dig?

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