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Music on Macs

I've been a PC user all my life, but I'm coming up to needing a new computer, and I'm hearing more and more people say Go mac for music production. I'm a little leary, but i'm sick of windows crap and waiting so long for my computer to boot when I only have a little time to dabble. I'm probably moving to FL studio 10 and want to know how other's experiences have been with music done on Macs?

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From what i hear using a macs much more resource friendly when it comes to music production.. thats all i know.. I haven't had the chance to produce with a mac yet

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I have used Macs all my life and I still don't really know the exact reason, but I much prefer to use them.

They seem clearer and less complicated to use to me.

Producing music was very easy, just plug in and go, whereas I know someone who makes music on a PC and it seemed like a massive ordeal to get started, with software, compatability, speakers, sound cards, etc. I'm sure it is very simple to some PC users though.

Mike S

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the only music program i ever used on a mac is ableton , which was awesome , the beats i made were phenomenal , but beyond that i have only used FLdemo on a mac which was great too , and macs are just better for video and audio , i say you are headed in the right direction with a mac

here's a couple of tracks i made on ableton , nice and crisp , and this was without mastering or mixing down




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if you go mac you gotta go logic...fl studio takes a very far back seat

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It's a personal choice. If Mac, go for Mac. If PC, go for PC. It's whatever your comfortable with in making music.

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LOL, but since your getting problems with Windows, go for Mac then. xD
At my school, we have Macs. I hear every Mac comes with a music creating program called Garage Band.
I played around with the loops on it and it was fun. The layout of the whole application is decent.
But, if you don't want this existing program that's in the Mac, I would go for Logic or Pro Tools. They work very well.

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I dunno about macs, but i use a PC with win7 and 64bit system, and its awesome for music production :)

Screaming Zombie
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