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Where can I find acapellas?

Hi, does anyone know the best places to find acapellas? Also, are acapellas actually legal to use?

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Not sure what sort of acapellas (accapellas?) you're wanting, but if it's classic rap, then you're in luck ziggy! I found these Public Enemy acapellas and samples, which are licensed under Creative Commons Sampling license. Legal to use with a mention of creator of samples I believe?

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The 2 sites below i use to get acapellas. The first site may take a while to load so give it a minute or 2

The second site you need to download the sample pack for the acapellas. and you will find competitions to enter using their acapellas.

Please beaware that most of these acappelas have some sort of copyright to them. So read the text files that come with any of the.

If you want to hear some of the acapllas i have used from vipzone. Listen to 'Beat Is Coming' and 'Wounderful Dancing'

Thank You...

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Try this one - great free forum.

Acapella Downloads

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Legal Acapellas

-just a thought-

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tons of sample voices and different sounds

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Heres a nice site with 100's free acapellas... might be what ya looking for.

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I'm avin probs finding da acapellas i want such as Plan B, Damian Marley, Linkinpark, and old school tunes. all i can find is rap i want sumfing a lil different. apreciate any suggestions ;)

my tunes chek em out if u have spare time, thanks

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It'd be really great if more of the lyricists on MakeTunes could get involved too... like theres a lot of tracks where they've recorded and uploaded one or two songs, but we haven't heard much more from them. All sorts of vocal styles too, from singers, to rappers, to spoken word. I'd encourage all you guys looking for acapellas and vocal samples to work with to find vocalists you like amongst the thousands of members of maketunes, and tell them you'd like to try making a song with some of their vocals. I think a lot of them would go for it, and it would only help boost the number of active vocalists in our community :)

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Ah, the Maketunes Community. That is really an Important factor in the Musik Industry! People coming together and making Musik. There are so many different types, and so many acapelloists, yet so little time. Don`t forget...we`re all in it for the musik.`s all that really matters. Never forget that...that`s what I tell myself.

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Ducksauce, hit me up for beats, latest tracks and ideas and concerns get acapellas at limewire youngblood , search"acapellas, song name, acapella" do it to it

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Heres another site to check out...

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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS. il go thru the list n try n get a few off you if possible. nice collection n did i say WOW?

my tunes chek em out if u have spare time, thanks
Sister(Dollys) website:

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Many shall walk the path i lead,But few shall leave there trails ..

gonna put a link up to some vocals so look around for it

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hello silverbullet,i am kinda new to the forum and has been looking for acepellas.can you trully help a broke trying to better my small skills mixers:)whos learning the trade the broke way.hallo back when you got the time.

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sir_input . yo boy did not hit me back bro. so i found my on bro click on this link to my online folder of acepellas

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sup , names chino,. been in this tunes for 3 weeks now, feeling tha love, thanks for comments and supports, my website is under construction at the moment as if now, tryna get it done by the end of next month, just to have a glance at it and see what its about check out
tryna make it events/parties/music/ forums/blogs/ bascially everything into one link,. many pages to explore, but like i say still alot more work to do,
do it to it


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sorry EUGOD but school here had me pin down.i had mad tests i had to move quick when i sit at this pc i get addicted you feel bad

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You can check here for free acapellas.

Also have Instrumentals and Drum Kits e.t.c.

As for your question, are acapellas legal to use? They are legal to use but you cannot sell them, like make a remix and sell it... if you put a lot of your remix's on a Mixtape and want to sell that, you would have to contact the artists/labels that you are using acapellas of, or I know a few people just say the (Mixtape) Artwork is for sale and you are getting the CD free.

Crazy Pellas

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That site is empty dude.
-just a thought-

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Yep that link was wrong - I've fixed it in his comment.

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thansk yeaaaaaah

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If your looking for the old 9block... its resurrected at (Black.Label). 100's acapellas and growing with new/old acapellas

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they have a very big library. i've been using it for a few months now. all genres!

AcapellaDave's picture is a great source for Acapellas, Studio Acapellas, Diy Acapellas, Free Acapellas & Acapella Requests !

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I was just browsing through the forum.
This is a very useful thread , thanks everyone that posted all those links.

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