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After over 12 years online MakeTunes is closing down

I hope you've enjoyed the many years of community and creative process, but obviously the site has many issues these days as I haven't had any time to devote to the running of it for some time. Naturally most people have moved on as a result, and it is still costing thousands a year to keep it online.

Please take this opportunity to download any music you're wanting to keep as the site will be closing down on March 31st.


Latest Music Uploads

-=After_Shock=- |Busta-Bust| remix by E@Z!E

4:27 minutes (4.08 MB)

heres one of my favourite beats with an added acapella. old so dont even know if i sorted da levels aint guna chek it u guys can b da judge of it.

From Within by E@Z!E

3:16 minutes (3 MB)

a short peice i made for a video me n my m8s threw together. killer bass line comes in at just over a minuit so please listen til the end. personally i think it needs speeding up a toutch.

Everything’s Alright Now by David H. Smith Jr.

2:53 minutes (3.31 MB)

Everything’s Alright Now

Performed by Mojo
written by David H. Smith Jr.

Copyright c 1999 David Smith Jr.

All Rights Reserved. Use by permission only

Member BMI

(You sold me a ) Six Pack of Lies by David H Smith Jr.

3:11 minutes (2.91 MB)

performed by Big Dog Deuce
Song written by David H Smith Jr.
Copyright © 2003 David H Smith Jr.

All Rights Reserved. Use by Permission Only

written 05/28/03

Track 3

2:52 minutes (1.32 MB)

Redemtion by Sober Mans Secret

3:31 minutes (3.23 MB)

Another for my other half. Actally part 2 of The lost. Both tracks need to be mastered so please bear with me. Thanx for listenin all . Sober...

The Lost by Sober Mans Secret

3:46 minutes (3.45 MB)

One i wrote for my other half. who i hold so dear. Hope u like

BiKalam 4 by Shadmehr Aghili

1:56 minutes (1.88 MB)

My World To Me

4:13 minutes (3.86 MB)

This is a collaboration with Micky Blue. Sounds like Depeche Mode. WE hope you enjoy it. This song was originally created by Micky Blue. We have introduced VOX into the mix.


2:23 minutes (2.18 MB)

an oldie but good. Look Ma no keys....

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